Forensic Files Blog Post Index

This week’s post is a reference table to make it easier to find blog posts about specific Forensic Files episodes.

Forensic Files Blog Posts by Episode

EpisodeSummaryBlog PostBlog PostBlog Post
All the World's a StageAn investigator of murders attempts one of his ownTed MacArthur: Homicidal Detective
Bad MedicineNarcissistic plastic surgeon runs wild in BuffaloAnthony Pignataro: Bad Surgeon
Bagging a KillerGirl goes missing, as her mother did years earlierJustice for Valiree Jackson
Capitol CrimesHit and run driver's ID surprises everyoneThomas Druce: Pennsylvania's Not Prowd Thomas Druce 2: Classism Is InThomas Druce: The Epilogue
Chief SuspectHome invasion leaves a nurse deadJim Barton: Bad Lieutenant
Death by a SalesmanRogue door-to-door salesman killsRodger Broadway: Magazine Crew Murderer
Dirty Little SecretNice couple doesn't know new friends are fiendsPlease Never Let the Sifrits Out
DisrobedParents interfere when teen falls in loveSarah Johnson, Yikes
Family InterruptedClean-cut kid can't wait for inheritanceThe Aftermath of BetrayalBetrayal 2: The Walking Wounded
Family TiesStudent uses an ax to get out of financial jamChristopher Porco: The UnthinkableChristopher Porco 2: The Explainable
Grave DangerUnder-educated couple amazes the worldMolly and Clay Daniels: Some Body That They Didn't Used to Know
John List MurdersUptight CPA overreactsJohn List: House-Poor Killer
Mistaken for DeadTwo retailers and a doctor try insurance fraudJust Sweats Gang Cheat SheetMurder, Fraud, Bike Shorts: A Just Sweats TimelineFrom Just Sweats to Eternity
Pinned by the EvidenceSurfer starts street fight Dusty Harless: Death By Testosterone Dusty Harless 2: Grappling with the Facts
Second Shot at LoveGreedy con woman romances lonely surgeonDante Sutorius: Petite Threat
Shattered InnocenceA teenager ruins his life over a carBrian Vaughn: A Student Athlete Kills
Shell GameTennessee town is brutalized until feds step inThe Bruce Brothers: Terror in Tennessee
Shopping SpreeDungeons and Dragons fan
does the unthinkable
Lisa Manderach's MurderDungeons and Dragons, Oh My
Strong ImpressionsAirplane mechanic pays for wedding by murderingRon Gillette: An Airforce Man Who Didn't Exactly Aim High
Summer ObsessionHusband's secret life includes Ponzi and worseCraig Rabinowitz's Gratuitous CrimeCraig Rabinowitz 2: A Double LifeAccounting for a Ponzi Schemer
Sunday School AmbushNice man who doesn't believe in divorce shouldSunday School Killers Revisited
Tourist TrapAttacks on Miami tourists can't be stoppedMiami Robbery Mayhem Miami Survivor's Tale
Transaction FailedFather and daughter repay kindness with brutalityDiane Tilly: A Texas TragedyDiane Tilly 2: A Detective Demystifies
Treading Not So LightlyMother turns detective after truck runs over her childThe Vicky Lyons Story Vicky Lyons: An Epilogue
Voice from BeyondMummified body in a barrel tells Long Island taleThe Reyna Marroquin Story Unsealed
Walking TerrorEngineer has odd excuse for running amokSleepwalking Killer Gets Walkup Call
Writer's BlockWealthy architect dies horribly thanks to husbandNancy Dillard Lyon's MurderNancy Dillard Lyon: Writing's on the WallRichard Lyon: An Epilogue

Thanks to Tobias Bäthge, the German engineer who created the free table-making WordPress plugin TablePress.

That’s all for this post. Until next week, cheers. — RR

4 thoughts on “Forensic Files Blog Post Index”

  1. Very nice! And powered by German engineering, too! Joking aside, it’s an impressive body of work that represents a lot of time and “forensic journalism,” if you will. Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks for the kinds words, and gotta love the German engineering! It was suprising to learn that a lot of the plugin creators do it for free.

  2. Thank you for this vital service. It will save me hours searching for episodes that I need in the worst way to see. All episodes are great, but fans of the show have diverse nether places of special interest. Cataloging is a step towards unification. Kudos!

    1. Many thanks! You’ll find a link to each episode in the blog posts, so you can watch online. Am working on a site-wide table of contents, too.

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