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Just a quick post this week with a link to a side project that involves Forensic Files.

True Crime Truant posts always provide links to the related Forensic Files episodes on YouTube so you can watch them for free.

If you’re already paying for Netflix streaming, however, you might want to switch.

Netflix has 360 episodes 100 percent free of ads. But its library is time-consuming to navigate.

The article “10 Great ‘Forensic Files’ Episodes and How to Find Them on Netflix” tries to make the job easier.

Decider is a website devoted to entertainment available via streaming.

Full disclosure: Decider belongs to the same company that owns the publication where I work by day.

But True Crime Truant is funded, operated, and written by me at home with my dog on my lap, no connection to my employer (except that my colleagues and I like to read one another’s blogs. You can check out Running for Your Life by marathon runner Larry O’Connor or Total Game Plan by girls volleyball coach Mike Tully).

But getting back to Netflix, you’ll find one disadvantage to watching Forensic Files there: The only reader comments are reviews that pertain to the series as a whole, not specific episodes.

You might miss the “I hope the mother’s supervisor rots in hell” and “I knew he was a lying weasel from the 911 call” comments. I rather enjoy them. You can always go back and forth from Netflix to YouTube.


Next week, True Crime Truant will resume recaps of Forensic Files episodes, with “House Call,” which tells the story of how pediatrician Louis Davidson met his end at the hands of his wife and some hired assassins.

Until then, cheers. RR

6 thoughts on “Forensic Files Via Netflix”

  1. 1. The show aired under two names in the UK — “Forensic Detectives” & “Medical Detectives.”
    2. Absence of plausible alternative suspects (once the character of the killer is introduced, it is usually always them) is the weakest feature of most episodes, though not my favourite: the “arsenic (fish-food!) in the aspirin” murders.
    3. I suggest listing the top ten (wholly) implausible (to the lay person) explanations of highly suspicious circumstances that local law enforcement initially accepted?

    This blog is a great idea. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for the 411! I guess the most implausible story accepted by the police would be Mark Winger’s. As for a top 10…maybe I could change the angle a bit and make it the “10 most ridiculous excuses” (starting with “I was sleepwalkig when I did it”).

      1. 1. I wonder was anyone in law enforcement (apart from police perps) ever disciplined for egregious inaction in the face of the top 10 absurd “explanations” in the FF cases.
        2. Stella Nickell was the Washington (state) arsenic poisoner who, possessed of a large fish tank proudly displayed on her tv, had carelessly included an anti-algae powder in the mix of poisoned Excedrin capsules she placed on the shelf of a local store.
        3. Did inevitable fatigue with the brilliant but phantasy scenarios of the CSI franchises kill the show? Time it was revived. Was just now reading about a horrible serial killer Todd Kohlhepp (?) in NC whose victims were comprehensively failed by law enforcement & the justice system. Killer was traced when he took over & unconvincingly posted on a vic’s facebook page! A revived FF could do that story & others.

          1. I Just watched “Insignificant Others” s.12/9. Fans of Columbo would not have been surprised anyone called “Dr Bart” [synonymous with devious smarmy over-achieving professional types] Corbyn would have turned out to be a serious baddie. A suicide verdict by the coroner in respect of Corbyn’s first killing (a crudely staged no-blood spatter-on-arm/gun-in-wrong place charade) must rank high in any list of ridiculous “explanations” — this fiasco enabled the vile Corbyn to carry on and kill again.

  2. Just viewed “Cold Storage” s.7/23 Tracy Shine, perfect daughter & aspiring ballerina mixes with the wrong crowd at Houston Performing Arts Academy, gets messed-up by drugs & moves in with Neal family, white-supremacist gang killers & meths etc dealers. Arrested for drug use & safely behind bars waiting to testify against her boyfriend, unbelievably she is allowed to be bailed out by the very same man, who then quite predictably murders her, storing her body temporarily in a fridge. Killer eligible for parole in 2017 — surely not possible?

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