Top 10 Forensic Files Posts

Recaps That Caught the Most Clicks

In honor of True Crime Truant’s first birthday, I studied the traffic data from the last 12 months.

It turns out that nine out of 10 of the most-visited posts center on Forensic Files episodes, which makes sense because the blog is primarily devoted to the half-hour docuseries.

There was a surprise regarding where the the most readers live: The Ukraine turned up in the Top 5.

The U.S. ranked first, with 199,689 page views. Great Britain, Canada, and Germany round out the list.

Viewers in 142 countries have access to Forensic Files on TV and, as such, True Crime Truant has amassed one reader each in Kyrgyzstan, Brunei Darussalam, Tanzania, Sint Maarten, and Belarus. Fingers crossed for better traction in those locales in the next year.

Below are links to the 10 most-read blog posts.

1. The Vicky Lyons Story
A mother searches for the unidentified delivery truck that ran over her 4-year-old daughter.

2. Vicky Lyons: An Epilogue
We find out what happened in between the Forensic Files episode that told Vicky Lyons’s story and her death at age 34.

3. Ron Gillette: An Air Force Man Who Didn’t Exactly Aim High
A defense lawyer for a father of two who killed his wife for $27,000 (not a typo) answers questions about the case.

4. The Bruce Brothers: Terror in Tennessee
A brutal family who terrorized Camden, Tennessee, for years finally meets some prosecutorial muscle.

5. Molly and Clay Daniels: Some Body They Didn’t Used to Know
Two crazy lovebirds cook up an insurance-fraud caper that made people around the world shake their heads.

6. Diane Tilly: A Texas Tragedy
A father and daughter repay a teacher’s kindness with deception and brutality.

7. Murder for Life Insurance on Forensic Files
Insurance Information Institute economist Steven Weisbart explains why it’s not so easy to profit from fraud and homicide.

8. Thomas Druce: Pennsylvania’s Not Proud
Police track down a hit-and-run killer and discover he’s a promising state senator.

9. ‘Accounting’ for a Ponzi Schemer
Forensic accountant Ricardo Zayas discusses how CPA know-how helped convict a wife-killer running a Ponzi scheme.

10. Craig Rabinowitz 2: A Double Life
A husband in need of lap dance money cheats his friends and drowns his wife.

I look forward to creating more content for Forensic Files watchers in the coming year.

Thanks to the loyal readers who visit this site — hearing from you makes the stories more compelling and the work more fun.

Until next week, cheers. RR

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Forensic Files Posts”

  1. Happy Birthday, TCT! This blog has been tons of fun and a real eye-opener.Forensic Files always did a good job of telling the stories accurately and realistically, but there’s still only so much that you can include in a show’s run time, so the additional background info from TCT is always helpful and interesting. And the “where are they now” epilogues are fascinating. Life really does go on, one way or another.

  2. Congrats on your first birthday TCT — and many, many more. Read & enjoyed each of these posts. RR, as always, you write like a dream, and loved the epilogues, interviews, etc. Thank you — Your blog has quickly become my favorite!

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